Friday, July 15, 2011

BONUS! Free Lipstick

Add the mark Lipclick Full Color Lipstickto your order and it's FREE when you buy the mark Get a Handle On It Bagor the mark High Stepping Boots!Choose any Shade!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy mark. Products!

Top 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy mark. Products!

10. Ok, I'll say it - I am trying to win a trip from mark. But seriously, I've been selling mark. products for almost 6 years, and I wouldn't sell something I don't like! mark. is awesome! Read on, my friends...

9. You can shop online through my mark store, and get your makeup delivered right to your door. So easy! Plus, most of the time, mark. offers free shipping codes online, so your order will ship for no extra cost. (ask me for details)

8. If you shop online, not only can you pay with a credit card, but mark. also is setup to allow payment through PayPal! (Seriously, could this ordering thing be any easier?)

7. Multi-task. Weekender. Bag. Enough said. If you don't know what it is.....ask me!!

6. Said bag above is only $35!!!!

5. mark. carries beauty, fashion, jewelry, and accessories. It should be your first choice for affordable on-trend seasonal items, as well as core makeup!

4. Eyeshadows: $4.50, Powder: $8.00, hook-up Lip Gloss: $5.50, Mascara: $6.50. I could keep going with these incredible prices....

3. mark. has, where you can see makeup tutorials, read about reps and about becoming a rep, as well as celebrity blogs....all for FREE! (check it out -

2. There are over 5,000 ways to customize a mark. hook-up. And any one hookup will cost you just $11 (plus you will get a free connector). Is that awesome or what?

1. mark. truly is high quality makeup at an extremely affordable price, and I stand by it 100%.



My Story To Healthier Skin

I have always suffered from extra dry skin all my life from grade school up into college. I use every kind of product i could find for dry skin but nothing was ever successful for my skin. Other products either irritated my skin or gave my skin rashes which was not cool at all. Then i cam across some mark. skincare products that i currently sell in my store. I figured it was just like all the other skincare products i have used in the past so i was having seconds thoughts about using it. Then one day i came to my senses and decided to try it, i mean what is the worse thing that could happen to my skin. It has already been through it all. I ordered the whole package for dry skin. Of course they have different products for different skin type. I chose the one for dry skin which came with the BODY LOTION, HAND CREAM, MUTI-TASKING REFRESHER, ANTIOXIDANT SKIN MOISTURIZING LOTION SPF 30 and, EXFOLIATING BEADS. I tried it all and LOVED IT! Til this day i am still using it and my skin feels and looks GREAT!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

mark. Specials

Check out our mark. Specials:

  •  FREE mark. hook up connector with a purchase of ANY 2 mark. hook up products!
  • mark. Zip Around Bag is yours for only$20 with select $20 purchase!
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